“Called to Be A DISCIPLE”

OCT. 22, 2017

St. Francis University

Cost for SHYCON and the bus is $25, and is due prior to the event.  Checks may be made payable to St. Clement Church. Please do not bring registrations fees the day of SHYCON. 

Registration will not be accepted the day of the event.  All students must pre-register to attend.

Please be in St. Clement parking lot by 10:00 a.m. to board the bus.   The bus will return to St. Clement after Mass.  We expect to be back between 6:30p.m-7:00p.m.

All participants are asked NOT to bring cell phones, iPods or iPads etc. or any other items of value to SHYCON.  St. Clement Church, Mlaker Transportation, the Diocese-Youth Ministry Office, and St. Francis University are not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

We will celebrate Liturgy with Bishop Mark before returning home.  During the Liturgy a collection will be taken up for the Fulton County Mission in McConnesllsburg.  Please bring money for the  collection.

Our speaker is ValLimar Jansen.  She has delighted past SHYCON audiences with her unique storytelling and may be seen on YOUTUBE.

Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Participants will be issued a T-shirt and name tag at registration.  T-shirts are traditionally worn during the conference and may be layered on top of other clothing prior to disembarking from the bus. Please dress accordingly.  “Name tag must be worn on the chest at all times for easy identification and serves as (your) meal ticket.”  

Society of ​St. Vincent de Paul Donation Box

A donation box for the Johnstown store of the Society of ​St. Vincent de Paul is now conveniently located in the St. Clement Church parking lot.  

If you have any clothing or shoes that you don’t use and want to donate to someone the donation box is now available for drop offs. 

If you want to donate furniture please call 814-535-4357 for pick up.

Please help share the news.

114 Lindberg Avenue Johnstown PA 15905 814-255-4422

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