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Exciting News!!!

This fall, the 177 Project is partnering with 22 different artists to bring an evening of Eucharistic Adoration and music to every single diocese in the US!

On Nov. 30th we’ll be at St. Clement Church  and we want you to join us. Tickets to the evening are completely free and can be picked up in the church office or may be ordered and printed here.  

Summer Classes

Confirmation Candidates who need to make up classes which were missed during previous school years are invited to attend special make up sessions this summer.   This is a one of a kind opportunity.  Candidates may join us for any sessions which should have already been completed, but may not work ahead.

July 11;    9a The Creed  9:30am

July 11;  9b  Prayer  11:30 am

Aug. 1;    10a Scripture  9:30 am 

Aug. 1;    10b Witness 11:30 am