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Recycling Drive

“When’s it coming?  When’s it coming?”

You’ve called.  You’ve texted.  You’ve written.  You’ve sent messenger pigeons……Okay, maybe not pigeons, but we finally have an answer to the one question everyone’s been asking……

The truck is coming Sat. and Sun., June 3rd and 4th!

Recyclables include textiles, knick-knacks, dishes, toys, stuffed animals, shoes, small electronics and more!

We’re thrilled that everyone is so excited for this beneficial project. 

Remember all proceeds benefit the Pro-Papa Mission Clinic in Honduras,  BUT we can only do it with your help! 

This is a great family service project and a few hours of your time makes a big difference.  Please sign up on the sheets near all church entrances. 

Thank you for your interest, time!

More info coming soon!