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Information for the Confirmation Preparation Program at St. Clement Church, Johnstown for 2021-2022, including requirements and schedules.

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Confirmation Schedule-all sessions 10:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Sept. 12  Confirmation Prep. 9a 

Sept. 26 Confirmation Prep 11a 

Oct. 3 Confirmation Prep 10a 

Oct. 24 SHYCON Grades 9-12 time TBA

Oct. 30 Sponsor Information Due

Nov. 7 Confirmation Prep. Junior Retreat 9am-8pm

Nov. 28 Confirmation Prep. Freshmen Retreat and Rite of Blessing 9am-1pm

Jan. 9 Confirmation Prep 11b 

Feb. 6 Confirmation Prep. Sophomore Retreat 9-4

March 6 Confirmation Prep 10 b

March 13 Confirmation Prep 11c 1pm-4pm

Apr 10 Confirmation Prep 9b; Confirmation Name Due

Apr 24 Service and Reflection Due

May 20 Confirmation Rehearsal TBA

May 11 Confirmation 7p.m., cathedral