Classes Start This Week!

We’re very, very excited to begin our new faith formation program!   We officially began  Sept. 13th, but before you start, we need permissions signed by students and parents.

To sign the permission slip, click the link below.  It should prompt you to make a copy.  If it doesn’t, please choose “make a copy” under file.  Put your name in the file title.

You may then sign the drawing box and share it with or print, sign and return to the rectory.

Open this for the permission slip.  You may sign online using Google or print it and return to rectory. Thank you.

Instructions for everything including how to sign the form without printing are found below.

Faith Formation began the week of September 13, 2020.  Here’s what to expect. 

It is possible to join classrooms in several ways (different ways work best for different devices/users.)

By clicking on the correct grade in the office’s classroom portal. 

Go to and type in the appropriate code found here.

Click on the appropriate link in this chart.