June 27th Call

Some parishioners have commented that they have missed all or part of my phone messages so here it is in print.

Thank You,

Fr. Rosenbaum 

Hello this is Fr.  Rosenbaum with my weekly phone call and messagE

 to my Parishioners & Friends.

How are you doing I hope you had a good week. I want to give you another of my usual reminders for those who are not able to come to church we will again have mass which you were able to watch on Sunday at 3 o’clock on channel 9 on the Atlantic broadband cable TV. You were also be able to watch mass on our St. Clement website and on our Facebook page. We have been averaging about 100 people for the Saturday 4 o’clock mass and there seems to be  extra seats if anyone is thinking about coming to our Saturday 4 o’clock masses.

As we continue to look and move forward, next weekend we will have in addition to the 4 o’clock mass on Saturday we will also have on July 4 a Sunday morning mass at 9:30 AM. After consulting the Parish Council and the Finance Council I have decided that the mass will be at 9:30 Sunday morning. I ask you for at least one more weekend please give a call to Rectory if you plan on attending one of these masses.

Following the directives given by the diocese I want to reminder you should wear a mask in church and we will continue to practice Social Distancing. In order to follow these directives we need for each mass, eight(8) volunteers to be Hospitality Ministers at each mass. The Hospitality Ministers will welcome you when you arrive at the doors of the church, make available a sanitizer for your hands and then give you directions for seating in the church. The Hospitality Ministers will also give you directions when it’s time to receive Holy Communion so that the communion procession will go very smoothly without any confusion & the Hospitality Ministers will help to sanitize the church after mass.

We will also need three(3) volunteers to be Eucharistic Ministers and one(1) reader and one(1) altar server for both the Saturday and Sunday masses. Please call the rectory if you for can serve in the ministries. We will have leader at each mass to give you instructions. 

In conclusion, Bishop Mark continues to dispense the obligation to attend Mass on

 Sundays and Holy Days during this pandemic. As is stated in Proclaim, our Bishop has asked everyone to be prudent and following the precautions announced by public health officials. That prudence should also impact the choices that people are now making. If you are well enough to visit stores and restaurants that are reopening (while still requiring masks and safe distancing), what does that tell you about the importance of Sunday worship?

Think about it and pray about it…. be prudent. And if it’s any help in deciding what do, we have heard a lot of people say how being able to pray and worship with your parish family in church and to receive Christ in the Eucharist, has been a huge source of strength. As one person remarked, “It makes me feel normal again.”

I continue to pray for all of you and your loved ones.

May God Continue To Bless You And Keep You Safe.


Fr. Rosenbaum