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PRE Updates/News October 23, 2020


Parish Religious Education News October 11, 2020

St. Clement Religious Education Updates

For students in grades K-6, using the Spirit of Truth ebooks, you may use the browser log-in, or download the free app for Android or iPhone.  Both are found on the log-in page.  (I find the android version easier to use than the browser.)  

*Remember, parents have access to the Catechist guide.

**Also grades 1-6 have the parent guide available.  The guides can be found in the Classroom or on the new website.  

***A few families have opted to use the physical textbook rather than the ebook, which is wonderful.  The catechist and parent guides will still be a great help to you.

****If you are interested in using the physical textbooks, but have not yet made arrangements to pick one up, please contact me.  I have them available.

Virtual Updates

I understand some of you are still unable to access and/or interact with Google Classroom.  I apologize.  Please know, my intent was always to make this easy and accessible. It should fit your schedule and be simple.  I am still working to make it happen.  Ideally, these will be tools to help you bring your children (and maybe even you) into a closer relationship with Jesus.


If you are using Google Classroom successfully, please continue.  It is the easiest way to turn in assignments, and it’s the easiest way for me to provide feedback and track your progress.  It also allows students to interact with each other.


If you’re willing but stuck try: Helps for Google Classroom

A few weeks ago, I shared a video on our website to clarify things.  If this video helps, please do use it.

Since then, I have also learned that a few devices require Google programs such as Docs, Slides, Forms and Drawings.  Most devices allow access immediately.  Even for the few that do not contain immediate access, the extensions, or downloads are free and hopefully simple.  Please try this fix, if applicable and you are able.

The Alternative

If you are still unable to access the Classroom, I have published another website.  Here you will find all the lessons and assignments. UNFORTUNATELY, you will not be able to simply “turn in” your responses as you should be able to in Classroom. 


Currently, it is not password protected, so there are no links to Zoom sessions nor passwords for ebooks etc.  I hope to be able to create a password system soon.  For now, contact me for sensitive information.


If you use the new website you will need to send emails of documents or pictures etc.  to


The website is still very much a work in progress.  In the hopes that some of it may be of help to you, I am sharing it now.  It will be going through constant updates as we add lessons and work to find what is best for everyone.  I thank you for your patience.

Our New Address:


I thank you all for your efforts and patience.  Of course, please continue to let me know of your progress and feel free to ask any questions.  You are in my prayers.


Confirmation News

Correction: 10a will be offered over Zoom next Sunday, Oct. 18th at 1pm.  My apologies for the typo.  The Zoom is optional, but the lesson is required and is due 10/30.  It is in the classroom and website.


Click here to visit the Virtual Religious Education Office.

September 27, 2020

TroubleShooting Google Log-In

A few people are having trouble logging into Classrooms or moving between school and church Classrooms.  Please click here for a video showing some tips to move between groups.  If these suggestions don’t work, please contact Mandy,

Thank you!

Confirmation Preparation Information

Thank you candidates and families for joining me at the meetings held earlier this month.

If you missed them or would like to review, all fall Confirmation Preparation Sessions are now available by clicking here.   

Please make sure the permission form is signed by the candidate and parent.  The schedule of Zoom sessions can also be found there.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!  Thank you!

Faith Formation Classes

Classes began the week of Sept. 13 and are going well, with most families appreciating the flexibility offered by the online program.  We are still hoping a few more families join us.  It’s not too late!  Plus, with the virtual program, you can still access earlier lessons.


Before you begin, we do need a permission slip. To sign the permission slip, click the link below.  It should prompt you to make a copy.  If it doesn’t, please choose “make a copy” under file.  Put your name in the file title.

You may then sign the drawing box and share it with or print, sign and return to the rectory.

Open this for the permission slip.  You may sign online using Google or print it and return to rectory. Thank you.

Instructions for everything including how to sign the form without printing are found below.

Faith Formation began the week of September 13, 2020.  Here’s the information on the new format. 

It is possible to join classrooms in several ways (different ways work best for different devices/users.)

By clicking on the correct grade in the office’s classroom portal. 

Go to and type in the appropriate code found here.

Click on the appropriate link in this chart. 


I’m excited for week 3 and since I already have lessons submitted, it looks like I’m not alone.  I hope to “see” you in class soon.  If I can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Christ,



114 Lindberg Avenue Johnstown PA 15905 814-255-4422