Adult Spiritual Formation

Provides opportunities for adults to enhance their faith and spiritual knowledge through programs held throughout the year.

Contact:  Mandy Vigna                  255-4422


Altar Server Ministry

Serves and assists the priest at daily and weekend Masses and other special liturgical celebrations  –  grades 5 and up.

Contact:  Nancy Stamplis              255-4422


Angel Tree Ministry

Serves needy persons and families in our area during the Christmas season by fulfilling gift requests from various sources and then distributing gifts prior to the holiday.

Contact:  Elaine Young                     255-2231

                     Virginia Pfeiffer               255-1098

Baking Ministry

Donates home baked goods, as needed, for parish events.

Contact:  Sue Bellack                         288-5573


Baptism Preparation Team

Assists in the sacramental preparation of families requesting to have their children baptized in our church by providing instruction and support.

Contact:  Father Rosenbaum        255-4422


Bereavement Ministry

Provides support to the bereaved of the parish by sending sympathy cards, planning the annual Mass of Remembrance and organizing workshops and support groups, as needed.

Contact:  Nancy Stamplis               255-4422


Calendar Committee

Organizes and facilitates the annual lottery calendar campaign, which is a major source of income for the parish.

Contact:  Marcia & Lou Polonkey      255-4422



Collaborates with the Music Minister and organists to lead and encourage the congregation to fully participate in liturgical music.

Contact:  Mary Statler                      255-6420



Provides musical leadership at the 10:30 a.m. liturgy and other special liturgical celebrations, when needed.

Contact:  Mary Statler                       255-6420


Church Cleaner

Performs light housekeeping duties (vacuuming, dusting, cleaning) in the church on a weekly basis in preparation for worship and prayer.

Contact:  David Rosenbaum           255-4422


Church Decorator

Prepares and artistically arranges the environment of the church so that it reflects the spirit of each liturgical season or feast.

Contact:  Stephanie Bishof               539-3963

Contact:  Diane Riner                           255-3435


Clerical Assistance

Provides support for the rectory office staff, as needed.  (e.g. assembling bulletins, preparing bulk mailings, making phone calls)

Contact:  Suzie Catanese                    255-4422


Collection Counter

Counts, records and deposits weekly collections and receipts.

Contact:  Father Rosenbaum            255-4422


Elder Services Ministry

Meets the short term/temporary needs of elderly or disabled parishioners by providing services as requested.

Contact:  Nancy Stamplis                     255-4422


Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Assists in the distribution of the Eucharist and Precious Blood to the congregation at Mass as well as to parishioners who are in nursing homes and homebound.

Contact:  Mandy Vigna                         255-4422


Food Pantry

Assists with the collection and distribution of food to needy families in our area.  Food is given out on the first and third Fridays from 9:00 to noon, with the exception of the major holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).

Contact:  Richard Von Schlichten  814-255-2200


Funeral Choir

Provides liturgical music in support of parish funeral Masses.

Contact:  Mary Statler                         255-6420


Gift Bearer

Represents the community in the presentation of the gifts at the Eucharist.

Contact:  See any usher before Mass.



Creates a welcoming atmosphere of hospitality for fellow parishioners and visitors, opening the way to fully participate in the Liturgy.

Contact:  Nancy Stamplis                  255-4422


Home Prayer Network

Provides prayer support to parishioners in need by actively participating in a telephone prayer chain.

Contact:  Alice Krivac                          255-2359


Knights of Columbus, Council 10084

Provides social and outreach work and organizes fundraising projects via their association with the National Knights of Columbus.

Contact:  Lonnie Rietscha                  539-6093



Proclaims the Word of God to the assembly at Mass and other liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

Contact:  Nancy Stamplis                   255-4422


Lift Ministry

Provides support to nursing home residents and the homebound through periodic visitation and correspondence.

Contact:  Nancy Stamplis                   255-4422


Maintenance Committee

Identifies areas of concern in the upkeep of parish grounds and buildings and assists with maintenance projects. (e.g. carpentry, electrical work, lawn work, masonry, painting, plumbing, snow removal)

Contact:  Pete Hohrun                         255-6262

Contact:  Mark Weinzierl                   255-1279


Marriage Preparation Team

Assists in the preparation of couples for marriage by presenting the pre-cana requirement via one of several ways:  Sponsor Couple meetings, Encounter Weekends, Evening Workshops.

Contact:  Diane and Bill Riner          255-3435


Music Minister

Develops and coordinates the music ministry of the church and works collaboratively with the cantors, musicians and organists in an effort to enrich the liturgical music of the community.

Contact:  Mary Statler                          255-6420



Provides instrumentation as a means of enhancing the sung worship of the community.

Contact:  Mary Statler                          255-6420



Accompanies the choir and congregation in the sung worship of the community.

Contact:  Mary Statler                          255-6420


Pet Food Pantry

St Clement Parish is starting to collect dog and cat food and treats in conjunction with their Community Food Pantry. Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause. Dry goods or monetary donations (to purchase pet food) will be accepted at the rectory office to help people better care for the furry members of their families.

Contact: Ruth Morello at 255-1399 or 242-4171



Captures images of parish life and events for use on the parish website, in future directories and elsewhere, as needed.

Contact:  Anke Turco                             539-5573


PRE Catechists

Provides weekly religious instruction for the public school students of the parish.

Contact:  Mandy Vigna                        255-4422


PREP Group

Provides support to the Director of Religious Education by assisting with fundraising and extracurricular activities.

Contact:  Mandy Vigna                        255-4422


Pro-Life Committee

Advocates in various ways for pro-life causes in the parish and community and supports the annual March for Life.

Contact:  Chris Mraz                            288-2530


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Welcomes new adults into the Catholic faith community and leads them through the process of initiation.

Contact:  Mandy Vigna                        255-4422



Performs light housekeeping duties necessary to the celebration of the Eucharist.

Contact:  Nancy Stamplis                   255-4422


Scrip Sellers

Assists with scrip sales before and after all weekend Masses.

Contact:  Suzie Catanese                   255-4422


Sewing Ministry

Provides sewing skills, as needed, for various parish projects.

Contact:  Suzie Catanese                   255-4422



Provides assistance to parish electronic media users and contributors to the parish website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr sites.  Records and edits Mass and posts to Social Media and Atlantic Broadband Channel 9 for home viewers.

Contact:  Nancy Stamplis                   255-4422



Creates a setting of Christian hospitality by welcoming the community, offering seating assistance, taking the collection and maintaining a sense of orderliness during the liturgy.

Contact:  Allen Wright                         288-5320


Welcoming Committee

Initiates contact with new parishioners welcoming them to the St. Clement Parish Family.

Contact:  Dawn Georgevich              255-9533


Youth Ministry

Provides an opportunity for adults and youth to come together with the goal of sharing faith and empowering young people to live as disciples of Christ in our world today.

Contact:  Mandy Vigna                         255-4422