Parish Religious Education

Religious Education is a vital component of our parish.  It includes Faith Formation for students in grades K-12, Sacramental Preparation for any parishioner preparing for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation, as well as on-going religious education for parishioners of all ages.


The 2021-2022 Religious Education Year will introduce cooperation with the parishes of The Resurrection, St Patrick, Sts Gregory and Barnabas, and St. John’s Cathedral.  Students will be able to attend weekly classes at Resurrection or Families may attend monthly Family Faith Formation sessions at St. Clement.  Both options will include studies to be completed at home.   Sacramental Preparation will continue as usual.  Read more about our approach in the Handbook.

Click here for the Virtual Parish Religious Education Office, where you can enter Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation classes, contact Mandy, find needed information and libraries of information.  You can submit prayer requests, take virtual retreats and pray for others, as well as play faith-related games, and find libraries worth of reading material such as works of the Church Fathers!  Come in for a “visit” soon!


St. Clement Parish Religious Education Web Directory


Children and Youth Protection


Faith Formation


Sacramental Preparation (First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation)

     First Reconciliation

     First Eucharist

     Confirmation (Explains the process and contains links to forms)


         Name Resources

          Parent and Candidate Information Video 

         Service Prayers

         Service Voucher and Reflection


Virtual Office

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